Chris Evert Charity Pro-Celebrity Tennis at Delray Beach


IMG_5248IMG_5272IMG_5314After a hotcakes-and-eggs breakfast, we strolled under cloud cover along the outdoor cafe-lined Main Street to join Chrissy at the 20 court state-of-the-art facility, including pavilion and pro shop. The event had a Fair flavor complete with capuchin monkey tricks, pony rides, harlequins on stilts, a samba dancer table, and the fumes of shish kabob. On that hazy, November 22nd, Saturday morning, the uncooperative weather may have dispirited tennis, but we climbed to our box seats and remained faithful, nevertheless.

Shortly after, stratiform precipitation drove us under the pavilion where we enjoyed the circus-like ambient, watched the capuchin disappear dollar bills into his pockets, followed by a swift climb to the donor’s head, and took selfies with Hoda, as we commanded the sun, who slowly made its roundabout to face us. After all, it is South Florida, and no one there would go away disappointed in the yellow melon.

Finally, “tennis anyone” became the order of the day. Back in our South C box seats, the line-up of play for the first set was Jesse Levine, 27 year-old American-Canadian who ranked World #69 in 2012, & partner, Gavin Rossdale, lead singer in the post-grunge rock band Bush whose album Sixteen Stone was a great success in the US, vs. Vince Spadea, American ATP World #90 in 2006, and Timothy Olyphant, best known for his role of Sheriff Seth Bullock in the HBO western, three season, series “Deadwood.”

After figuring out who was who on the court, which demanded a $5 program and wifi connectivity, I sat back to enjoy the player’s personalities. Although they were all wired, not much other than grunts carried over. Timothy, by far the funnest player to watch and the one with the most net errors, was the one who interacted the most with the audience.

Next up were Levine & Vince Spadea again, vs. Rennae Stubbs & Sebastien Grosjean. Rennae is winner of several Grand Slam doubles and has represented Australia at four successive Summer Olympic Games. She was a pleasure to watch, no wonder, she’s won 60 major doubles matches from 1992 to 2010. She interacted the most with the audience and seemed to enjoy herself in a carefree way. Her partner, Sebastien Grosjean, also a retired French ATO, World #4 in 2004 never got in her way, as she dominated the match.

Our time there for the day ended, we never got to see the next two sets in the order of play, including Chris Evert vs. Martina Navratilova with Timothy Olyphant and Hoda Kotb, Egyptian-American, Today Show’s host, as their respective doubles partners. But we did witness the giving of a big check to a single teenage mom pursuing a college career, and the parading of shelter pets ready to go home with the right owner.

For 25 years the Charity has distributed over $21 million since its debut in 1989, benefiting Florida residents across the state. I am looking forward to next year’s event. Thank Chrissy, I’m dusting my racket. Tennis anyone?

The Yin Yang of Soulmate Relationships

FiveElementsCycleBalanceImbalanceIn his book, Wayne Dyer, author of Manifest Your Destiny, states that genuine trust involves letting go of all conditioning and that by accepting our failures and confusion we are dismissing any false illusion of trust.

Trust is a major issue in relationships.  We all want to be surrounded by compassionate souls.  When we are disappointed by others and feel used or abused, are we doing it to ourselves?

Let me give you an example. You’re home with some one you’ve been dating for a couple of months and he/she walks out, barefoot or not, for no apparent good reason. Wouldn’t you look out for them out of the kindness of your heart, especially if it’s in the middle of the night? Locking the door behind them and turning your light out on them is not exactly an example of compassion in my book; but who am I to judge?  What am I missing here?

Intra-relationships are just as misleading as interrelationships. After weeks submitting to Writer, Director, and Producer in marketing, film, and media job postings online with my newly revised Resumé, I finally got an e-mail response.  Guess what?  It was just a con job.  The fact that there were many duped like me does not make me feel better.  I am just glad to have experienced being with such a great group of people all trying to better ourselves in America. But the job was a misleading false representation of ‘events.’  In actuality, this company is using us, the good fish in the sea, our bright images and personal resources, to go out and steal people’s identity.  They not only do not pay you but use you to gain profit and put you at risk in many ways, all with your permission.

I just did that to myself.  First, I was fooled by someone to believe they were compassionate, when in reality they are not, and then fooled by equally ruthless con artists thinking I was finally getting into the ‘real world’ scene as an events coordinator, social content or corporate writer, -the jobs advertised for and responded to.

I wish Wayne Dyer’s book, Manifest Your Destiny,  which I started reading a day before these episodes, will help me avoid doing more damage to myself.  I thought I was trusting the universe by responding to the job interview email appointment.  I thought I was trusting the universe by believing in the false friendship of a person who stated would do as described above if I ever walked out.  By the way, this is an anecdote from the wax therapist I visit monthly.

What’s next after I accept my failure and feel confused?

My destiny is a knowing, I understand, a knowing of peace and harmony, a knowing of achieving the self-realized state. And, I don’t have to go out and get it, it will come to me as I evolve. I hope these depressive episodes that have pierced my heart allowing the light to gush in, as Rumi states in one of his poems, will radiate and attract positive energy that matches the state of peace and harmony, of contentment, that is my self-realized soul.

yin yang

“The Antiheroine” of Hollywood Film Awards 2014

gillian flynngone girlIs Gone Girl creator Gillian Flynn the epitome of feminism?  The  author could be just as well a  mysogynist as a feminist. Whether hero worshiper or chauvinist lesbian, that you can’t put your finger on it is  what the Northwestern University Master and former Newsweek reporter’s genius is, and genius needs not explain itself; It is recognized by its versatility. Would Ben Affleck have been more convincing in his good guy role by playing suspiciously? How well did he play the innocent?  How many clues of being the opposite did he offer? Did he play being the bad guy in such an inconspicuous way that he had the audience fooled believing he was actually bad? Watch the movie and decide for yourself.  Was Rosamund Pike’s portrayal of the Antiheroine heroic?

I appreciate your visit to my Blog and would love exchange views on this topic.  Thank you.

Creating Enticing Corporate Videos

When visitors open your website page, do they encounter a boring corporate video hosted by an unfamiliar and cold actor?  If so, most people skip your pretty penny video. They’ll go right to whatever it is they’re looking for without giving your company a chance to fall in love with it.

What dissuades a buyer from buying one brand over the other is not always based on  cost versus quality.  Studies show that developing a relationship with brands makes them favorites; and most buyers, especially baby boomers, are loyal to them. It is not necessary to have special effects or a top paid star to make an impression.  But it is necessary to reach the heart through the mind. How to do that is the magic of storytelling.  Empathy with others will attract the same and your sales will rise, if not immediately, surely on a long-term basis, as well as YOUR PRESENCE IN THE MARKET, YOUR VALUES, AND IDENTITY.   That’s why your corporate video is a gateway to the heart of your company.  How do you want your clients to feel you?  Are you only for the money, or do you have a soul?  More and more buyers are looking for companies with heart and if the heart is green, then all the “more better.  Sorry for the redundancy,” we say in Spanish when something exceeds the expectation.TAT Gen Video Proposal_Page_3TAT Gen Video Proposal_Page_2TAT Gen Video Proposal_Page_1


The cheapest parking on South Beach near 8th street where the South Beach Seafood Festival ticked October 25, 2014, was a booing $35. Tickets went for $25 per person; on top of that, samples of seafood dishes went for $6 to $11. Food and Beverage tickets had to be purchased once inside the gate. Some lines were pretty damn long for someone like me who hates standing in line for anything. Plus, standing and walking on uneven sand terrain was not very comfortable. So, I asked myself? Are cool bands and seafood samples worth the trouble?

During most of that lovely day of October skies and easterly winds the meter moved to nay.  But no one else seemed to notice the uneven sand, the long lines, or the lack of Caribbean seafood dishes. A beer was $6 and walking back and forth for a few bites here and there did not make for a full meal.  What then was the object of the game besides sampling a few dishes at a high cost, I wondered. Yes, the music was pretty good.  The Click band rocked, people chatted, played sand bag in the hole; some guys showed off their Olympic skills on the bars. Even babies looked content.  Maybe it was just me.

My friend and I walked to the shore and watched the waves while the sun’s rays went down behind us. Then, the real reason started to play, and I had to get down, right there. Spam Allstars carried what the festival lacked, the taste of the islands, the smell of cumin and oregano, the flavor of time spent swinging on a hammock at noon, amidst coconut palms and sea foam. “Let’s go back,” I begged, “this is what people have been waiting for.”  And so, the party got hot, more attendees arrived, although it was near closing time.  They must have turned their heels or awaken from their somber siesta. “DJ Le Spam & Spam Allstars blend improvisational electronic elements and turntables, with latin, funk, hip hop and dub to create what they call an electronic descarga.  It’s not a known genre.  It’s hard to describe.  It attracts many types of people. But as they look out and see people dancing salsa, next to break-dancers, and festival-goers driving for hours to catch a show — they know something very special is going on.”

It may be hard to describe, but it is not hard to feel, move to, and be magnetized.  I have a new group to fan now. You can find them at Hoy Como Ayer in Little Havana. This Holiday season, I plan on giving myself the treat of their mambo jambo.

CJordan sobe sf fest sobesff2 sobesff1 spamallstars1


Classical Masterworks with Robert Davidovici and the FIU Symphony

rdDriving back from a business trip to Dade’s south, I had already forgotten about FIU Symphony Orchestra’s Masterworks Series concierto with all the day’s haps, when I turned the radio dial to Classical South Florida for relief.  Modestly priced, tickets were  $15 for adults and $10 for students at the door and Parking was free next to the acoustically superb, 750-seat, Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Concert Hall. Several of us were shown to our seats at the end of the second movement of Schubert’s 5th Symphony, conducting Isaac Corzo. Camera in hand, I set up to capture, both in picture and video, some of the most exciting moments, although restricted from using flash.

What a night to remember! It was a marvelous experience to enjoy the virtuoso Romanian-born, Violin Maestro, Robert Davidovici with FIU Symphony Orchestra. This Brahms Violin Concierto was exhilerating, full of emotion and energetic. The end of the first movement was so riveting that the audience was moved to  applause.  The maestro, charmingly reminded the audience of the two more movements to come with a show of fingers, smiling coquettishly.

FIU’s Faculty is lucky to have musicians of the caliber of  Robert Davidovici, who won first place in the Carnegie Hall International American Music Competition, and studied the violin at Juilliard School of Music and with Soviet violin master David Oistrakh.  You could see the admiration for the talented and charismatic professor in the young musicians’ eyes on the stage that night.

Conducting, Grzegorz Nowak, is a renowned maestro whose international career began after winning first prize at the Ernest Ansernet Conducting Competition in Geneva. He has conducted the world’s top orchestras and his 2001 CD, Moniuszko, has reached Platinum certification.

Although classical music has a special place in my heart, I have only a superficial knowledge of it and spend most of my days listening to the plebeian wave.  Everyone deserves the privilege of appreciating classical music. But, for classical music to attract more fans, it is necessary to increase coverage of its events through the myriad forms of media flooding the digital world.

None of the highly competitive world of classical music comes to mind when I sit back and let my mind go where the music directs, sometimes constructing whole movie scenes, other times reaching a state of music-induced deep meditation. After this medium vibrates through my bodies for about an hour or two, I feel elated, I feel relaxed and moved to express my gratitude to the members of the FIU Symphony Orchestra who are keeping classical music alive by choosing to dedicate their lives to delighting us.

robert davidovici fiu concierto