Classical Masterworks with Robert Davidovici and the FIU Symphony

rdDriving back from a business trip to Dade’s south, I had already forgotten about FIU Symphony Orchestra’s Masterworks Series concierto with all the day’s haps, when I turned the radio dial to Classical South Florida for relief.  Modestly priced, tickets were  $15 for adults and $10 for students at the door and Parking was free next to the acoustically superb, 750-seat, Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Concert Hall. Several of us were shown to our seats at the end of the second movement of Schubert’s 5th Symphony, conducting Isaac Corzo. Camera in hand, I set up to capture, both in picture and video, some of the most exciting moments, although restricted from using flash.

What a night to remember! It was a marvelous experience to enjoy the virtuoso Romanian-born, Violin Maestro, Robert Davidovici with FIU Symphony Orchestra. This Brahms Violin Concierto was exhilerating, full of emotion and energetic. The end of the first movement was so riveting that the audience was moved to  applause.  The maestro, charmingly reminded the audience of the two more movements to come with a show of fingers, smiling coquettishly.

FIU’s Faculty is lucky to have musicians of the caliber of  Robert Davidovici, who won first place in the Carnegie Hall International American Music Competition, and studied the violin at Juilliard School of Music and with Soviet violin master David Oistrakh.  You could see the admiration for the talented and charismatic professor in the young musicians’ eyes on the stage that night.

Conducting, Grzegorz Nowak, is a renowned maestro whose international career began after winning first prize at the Ernest Ansernet Conducting Competition in Geneva. He has conducted the world’s top orchestras and his 2001 CD, Moniuszko, has reached Platinum certification.

Although classical music has a special place in my heart, I have only a superficial knowledge of it and spend most of my days listening to the plebeian wave.  Everyone deserves the privilege of appreciating classical music. But, for classical music to attract more fans, it is necessary to increase coverage of its events through the myriad forms of media flooding the digital world.

None of the highly competitive world of classical music comes to mind when I sit back and let my mind go where the music directs, sometimes constructing whole movie scenes, other times reaching a state of music-induced deep meditation. After this medium vibrates through my bodies for about an hour or two, I feel elated, I feel relaxed and moved to express my gratitude to the members of the FIU Symphony Orchestra who are keeping classical music alive by choosing to dedicate their lives to delighting us.

robert davidovici fiu concierto

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