Fergusson Needs Love

As a teacher of twenty years for the State of Florida, having taught grades 2-10 across three counties, starting in rural Hendry County, and moving on to Western Palm Beach County, and ending in inner city Miami Dade Public Schools this 2014, as well as a mother of two boys, and divorced, I have experienced from both ends what goes on in today’s low income communities. While poverty is not an excuse, education is not enough, and religion doesn’t reach all, what then is left becomes the dark alley assassin, the thief that loathes the rest, the wealthy resentful who can’t find himself in money.

Love is all you need. Come together right now. Not having material things should not make us unhappy. Living in a small cubicle with bad plumbing should not affect our mood. Hatred of oneself is the cause of pain. It’s when we feel hated, abandoned, unfairly treated, and deprived of our right to be that the conflict begins.

Inner peace is not found in luxury rooms, as we know. It is by the way that we choose to see reality that we find happiness, no matter where we are and what that reality is. The delightfully happy, confined to a wheelchair since birth. twenty three year old Tiffany, one of my best friend’s daughter, teaches us this lesson every day. Her happiness is contagious.

I spent a year in the flames of hell, living the world’s pain through the 14-18 year old boys from low income families I taught English Honors I and II to, but was barely able to reach a couple of them. There was so much pain to traverse that communication was not possible. Pain is expressed with violence. Violence is not just physical. The big 300 pound 6’4” monster that raged through the portal of time that dreadful night couldn’t hold more of it within.

I gave the lions tough love. It was the worst year of my teaching career and the most challenging. I learned the most, too. It was a rude awakening. During his formative years, from K-12 that child of God, Michael Brown, ‘niggered’ on the streets of Fergusson, paraded through our schools’ halls. He speaks for us all as a society. What is going on? How can we help one another better? The sense of community is missing. We can be a virtual community today. Let’s foster love, and peace will manifest.

In this moment of giving, let’s reach out and start healing the world with actions of love. Start by loving yourself so much that you know all is well that ends well. Give love, it costs no more than a kind word. Forgive yourself and others. Allow peace to reign this way. Breathe in Love, Breathe out Love. Create fields of Love. Love is all you need. There is a Mother Theresa in each of us.

We are all in this together. all you need is love

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