How many customers have you seen walking out of an art gallery with a painting in their hands during Art Walk at Wynwood or Downtown? Sightseers, newbie art critiques, whatever you want to call them, they walk in and out of galleries empty handed. Art Walk is for strolling in high heel shoes with a beau, having a few drinks at Wood, or here and there, taking your picture in front of the Walls, or eating from the food trucks if you don’t want to be nailed at Joey’s. Not even during Art Basel week do you see a lot of art sold. Maybe art sells behind doors at inconspicuous times. In fact, if you observe an art gallery’s commercial activity for a month you will notice there are very few instances, if any at all, in which an art work sells to the public.

That’s because art loses value if it is sold below the artist’s “perceived” value and that is really all there is to pricing art. Sure, you can compare your art to others that have the same genre or style and give a price per square inch. An average price is $6 per square inch. You can increase the value every year. And of course, it acquires value depending on who has bought your art and where it has been shown. At whatever price you sell your first piece, you will categorize your art at. Not to say you can not go up in price and have an evolutionary process.  But be very careful, your initial sale price will define your worth for a while to come. Interestingly, is that why Van Gogh’s art is so highly priced today? He never sold any pieces.

I would like to see more commercialized art for the common folks. I would like to survey art walkers’ homes in look for evidence of their artistic appreciation. Do they know the way art is priced? There are many wonderful artists whose works are affordable to the general public. However, prints and printed merchandise is one way to commercialize art. An example is Britto’s art.  Imagine that an artist whose prints or original works you’ve purchased makes it big, your piece would be worth many times the price you acquired it for.  

Do your homework. Start with the end in mind, you’re making an investment. Which artists are more likely to become renowned? How can you tell the difference among so many? One way you can tell is by following the artist’s trajectory. Where has the artist been shown, who has bought his/her art? What is the top pay for this artist up to now?  Art is an auction.

Among my acquaintances, I can name a few artists I believe are already among the ones whose art will increase in value over eleazar delgado

eleazar delgado 2

eleazar delgado 3

eleazar delgado 4time. Number one, Eleazar Delgado. Eleazar occupies the 7th floor at the McCormick Building, at 111 SW 3rd Street, 33130, in Miami. The McCormick hosts the Downtown Art Walk event on the FIRST weekend of the month. Eleazar Delgado, Venezuelan American, architect by profession, renowned artist, says he has found his bliss in the stories he tells of Miami’s backyard in mixed media. He can usually be found in his  atelier planning his next design. He uses an unparalleled technique of color dots, or pixels, to create his scenes.
Find out more about this amazing artist. Acquiring his art is like buying a diamond ring. It is sure to go up in price over time.

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  1. CORRECTION: Miami Downtown Art Walk is the FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH!!!

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