Adults With ADHD Are Not Alone

Meditation benefits the brain, as you can see in this picture.

adhdAre you aware a lot of high level executives who experience the overwhelm actually have symptoms of ADHD? They may not know they could be diagnosed with this disorder which may be accountable for a dysfunctional life at home or in the work place. Are you experiencing a high level of stress? If you are having a difficult time managing your life flow at home, socially and/or at the workplace, don’t just give up and resign yourself to feeling ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????overwhelmed. You deserve to make sure you’ve turned every stone to get to the bottom of your troubles. ADHD may cause you to have other physical problems, such as high blood pressure and mental disorders like anxiety. Studies show ADHD affects 4% of the adult population in the US, that’s roughly 10.5 million people.

Adults with ADHD may not have had obvious symptoms during childhood. Depending on a person’s age, 20 years ago, nobody talked about ADHD. If you were restless or had difficulty focusing on long tasks in class you may have been so smart that you still passed with good enough grades. Then as you got older, the symptoms you may have had during childhood may become less acute, or perhaps more so.

We all have symptoms of ADHD sometimes. For instance, most of us experience some extent of impatience. What is your degree of restlessness on a scale from 1 to 10? Do you often interrupt people while they’re talking, forget to pay bills, fail to return phone calls and avoid completing long forms and paperwork? If you identify these symptoms in your social, work and home life, pay attention, there is help, and it doesn’t have to be medication. It is known, medication can affect your heart, your sleep pattern, and even your libido. Instead, a professional coach or manager could be the answer. While ADHD is not curable, it is manageable if you first, recognize the symptoms, and second, use coping skills, which include reaching out to professionals for help.

There are two main ADHD symptom categories: INATTENTION and HYPERACTIVITY

Inattention includes:
“Hey, Jack… Jack, hey?” It may be your boss calling you from the door or as you walk past the front desk. You don’t notice when someone is trying to get your attention.

That’s just one scenario. How about. “Oh my God, I forgot to call Susan Hayward, she’s going to give the job to someone else.”

Or, “I haven’t finished the report, and it’s due tomorrow, what am I going to do?”

If you ask someone that works with you to describe your desk, would they say, “Can’t see the desk, it’s heap after heap of paper stacks.”

Your talking on the phone with Peter and he seems unable to finish his own sentences because you are jumping ahead. It is kind of exasperating for both.

You’re in a long meeting and shift from side to side in your chair, doodle, tap your feet, tap your fingers, twist your fingers, twist your legs, breathe in heavily, try to look Ok, but you know it is building up inside you, this anxiety, and you just want out of there.

Late at night, you just crumple under pressure, and your last thoughts before you close your eyes are, “what am I going to do?”

Don’t worry, you’re probably bright, brighter and more creative than the rest, after all, you’ve made it this far ahead.

Relax, pick up the phone or send us an e-mail. We are here to help you.

When people ask me what I do I say: “I help executives with ADHD get to the bottom of the stack and kick ass.” That’s Richard Green, from Click here and visit his page, he can help you cope with your daily run and finally get to see the color of your desk.

Then, with your extra time get clear thinking and visit where you’ll meditate, get a massage, do yoga and drink green or specialty teas. This will surely bring out your creative genius over time, without the stress and anxiety  you can thrive in your business and  give back to the world. It needs you.

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