Meat & Caguayos

Just updated this excerpt of my, soon to be published, memoirs. I thought it would be relevant today when we celebrate the death of a tyrant.

TAT Productions LLC

Meat & Caguayos, short story excerpt, “Mario Jorge and the Muchachitas,” memoirs by T.A. Terga.

The purity of the first nine years of my life in bucolic Julia, Oriente, in the Caribbean island that looks like an alligator reveals itself by neither judging nor questioning, just observing, and in so doing peace rests.

Creo que cuando hay miles de cosas que decir de un lugar nos vamos siempre a las mismas imágenes plantadas en nuestras memorias.  “Recuerdo un dia soleado de mayo…”

Corre….corre……correeee…….Teresa corre  y corre, dando vueltas la cabeza para ver quien viene cerca atrás.

I believe that although there could be hundreds of memories to choose from about a place and time, we always fall back to the same images and events implanted in our memory. “I remember a sunny and hot day in May….”

Run…ruuunnnn…………Teresa  runs and runs turning her head from  time to time to see…

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