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Everything Art is where you can bring your art, sell it and make money in many ways. An artist not only has to create but also sell.  In the old days, artists relied on wealthy feudal lords who paid serfs and artisans to create portraits, write family stories, design furniture, fabrics, clothing, and just about anything for the feudal family.  Today, there are many artists who are endowed by foundations, others who are adopted by private art studios; and then there are artists who are trying to sell their art and ware online, at fairs and conferences around the world, to their friends and family, and just about anywhere.  If you are this last kind of artist then Everything Art is designed to help you succeed.

Everything Art is a new company being formed as we speak.  Every single one of you who becomes a member will also have the right to own shares in the company. We’re taking it to the max at Everything Art. “Publicly traded companies are the thing of the past,” said Sabia, when she told our story after the ecotomb. This is just an insert of my for of expression that is known as literary art, or writing, I mix it with reality all the time.  But to continue on the subject of stock trading, imagine being part of a huge art conglomerate and having a little symbol identifier.  That would be so great to have but only if it meant that a lot of people were benefiting from it. You see, when you become an equity you kind of cease to exist as a physical entity and you’re pretty much running on residuals.  you can stop growing organically and become just an equity stock in a conglomerate.  Your best selling products may still be generating a huge amount of income and you have lots of tiny little entities tied to you plus big ones you have acquired and others you are in the process of acquiring. All of them constitute the whole pizza and the exchange runs reports you can see how well the stock is doing by the number of favourable bets it receives.  That’s the daily exchange happening in digital ownership. Can you cash in on that? I think so, but you might not want to unless your intention is for the stock to die.  What you get is the credit to your company’s name.

Everything art can only be successful if you come together as a community so that people will have a one-place stop to shop for art and an ongoing art show. What is better is that you won’t have to give away your art if you don’t want to.  You can still be the sole proprietor of your art piece unless, of course, you can’t refuse an offer.  What is more, you will be able to produce amazing articles of clothing, furnishing, decor, jewellery or anything else you’d like by way of a third party or producer and selling through Everything Art.

A non-profit foundation, Global Learning Connections, seeks to help people around the globe improve their living conditions and participate in a global economy in which consumers make an intelligent decision when they purchase online or at the store. More about that in future blogs.

I believe the best relationships begin with a common purpose and intent to create a win-win situation.  When you come upon bumps and holes along the way, the relationship is salvaged through transparency.  That’s the key.  We want to create a universe where artists, manufacturers, and salesmen work synergistically for the client. Everything Art is the platform for artists everywhere to showcase creations through myriad ways.

To learn more about Everything Art, contact Angela Terga at angelaterga@gmail.com.  in the body of your email include samples of your artistic mode creation and we will get you started. Thank you, Everything Art will be contacting you after you fill out the contact form here.

Focus on Focusing

Have you ever felt like you were on the short end of the stick,  travelling in the opposite way in which you wished to go and wondered why? Well, if it’s all in our mind, then focusing on what you want should get you more of it, if you take out the stigma of not having it. That’s what Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Esther Hicks, and Napoleon Hill, the Secret, and many other Law of Attraction paracletes abrogate. But to no consolation since the lack of whatever it is you want and don’t have is the constant mediator between you and yourself.

After much sen seing on your part to yourself, over and over, again and again, you may feel to be in an illumined state of ‘let it be; let it go,’ don’t push in either direction, stay put, relax. Where there is neither pain nor gain, neither joy nor sorrow, nothingness brings you to the start.  Fresh and out of Compton into the Vortex where all your dreams are real, there is nothing lacking, and life, reality, your bank account, the hits on your YouTube channel and your place on Google are all indicators of your right alignment that makes ‘it is as it is’ the dream of dreams.

Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day! From TAT Productions, A Woman in Film.

Visit my site and purchase Sandcastles my book of poems. Slide1

BITTERness ends when you liberate your mind

via Daily Prompt: Bitter

Think of the times you didn’t get what you want. Perhaps others around you did.  Or the times you go by a certain house or see a certain scene in which you wish you would be or have. Does that create a bitter taste in your mouth and in your soul?  It feels like you’re not getting what you deserve and want and you wonder why if you think you’ve done the right thing or not as bad a thing as some who do seem to get what they want.  First, you’re looking at others and assuming they are getting what they want and comparing yourself to them. Two, you’re not looking at the advantages of what you do have and what you can do with it.  In other words, looking outside of yourself is not the answer to getting rid of bitterness. If you think you have been short-changed in life maybe it is time to start feeling grateful for everything you have now, the air that you breathe, the shape of the trees, the roof over your head, as modest as it may be. Whatever your circumstance is there is hope in your heart, there always is.  Take that hope and turn it into joy.  Make a point of seeing things in a positive light.   For every negative thought, there is a positive one.  Use your imagination to fly away from the material into the subconscious.  Stay there. Separate yourself from your body and the things around you. Look at them from a third perspective.  Then see yourself as you wish to be and put this image in your soul, you head, your tongue, and your thoughts.  Stay there and create your own reality.

It is in the power of your mind that happiness lies and bitterness ends.  There, all the turmoils of fitting in and competition end. Liberate your thoughts, create your own reality in your head first, and stick with it no matter what. That is called perseverance. Insist on feeling good. Feel good every morning, every day, day after day.  Breathe slowly and watch your breath. Exercise to get the most energy flowing at a cellular level. Keep your image of yourself in your perfect world in your mind and in your soul so that you can smile at adversity and know it is not you, it is not real, what is real is what’s in your head.  Delusional? Not quite. Optimistic? Yes.

The more optimistic you are and feel, the sooner your alignment will follow. Try it and live the life you dream.

Talking Screenplay

There is no such thing as a Script Bible.  There is a show bible, but that’s not what I am talking about.  I mean, there is not just one way of writing a screenplay. However, if we speak the same language, we will understand each other better as writers, and filmmakers.  Plumbers understand plumbing terminology and are understood by other plumbers all over the world.  If you’re going to write a script you must learn the language. Check Angela Terga’s Author Profile

The way a screenplay is written, each line, and line by line, accounts for each second in the screenplay. Each page is a minute long and when you shoot and come back to the editing house you can then cut it according to the script as a minute of the movie in order to stay within the minutes the movie is written for (90-120 pages is standard).  All the other abbreviations and terms in a script are part of the uniform language that helps writers and filmmakers speak the same language all over the world.  This is the way I write a script.  I start with notes.  These notes can be very useful, and organised in a logical way may prove to be the best way to achieve clarity in what you are going to write.  You can categorise your notes according to the need of the organic story’s genre.  If it is a biography you may want to make a page of notes for each period. That way when you research, you will place those notes under the right heading. If you are writing fiction and you have elements of mental health, fire rescue, or types of diseases, to mention a few, you can place your notes under these headings.

When researched for Isabel III, I did extensive reading on the Seminole wars, the Spanish sale of Florida, Ft. Mose, St. Augustine, Black Indians, the Lighthouse, bipolar disorder, Hollywood gossip, and more.  For Hybrid, I researched genetics, the Amazon, nuclear blasts, you get it. Under each heading, I place the notes that will help me understand the topic and manipulate it. So I ask Google specific questions about the matter, read books, watch youtube videos, you name it.    That’s research.  You can never do too much of it.  You become a demi expert on each of the subjects you have researched about. But the knowledge may not stay in your memory if you don’t keep on interacting with it.  That’s just the way we use our memory to learn.  Practice means you must keep talking about it, reading about it, staying on top of it. And that’s just too much information if you have another screenplay on the front burner and are now interested in learning other things.

Now the trick is to make the flow of the screenplay seem effortless.  Where do you go first, second, third and last? That’s all you need to know to write a screenplay.  First, the world of the protagonist, the setup, then inciting incident that launches the quest.  Imagine a hero that doesn’t accept the challenge and goes away! Could we make a funny movie about that? You bet!  Will fate find this unwilling, uncooperative hero so we can have STORY? You tell me. We could write a story in which the hero is not a hero and that makes him or her more likeable, more human.  Hybrid, the spiderwoman from the Amazon, her name is Taharai, meaning detached, is a non-hero hero who just wants to observe humanity at first and learn how to be more humanlike and less detached.  But then she ends up being a hero for the underdog when she finally becomes humanised and sees the world with compassion or non-judgement.

I think everyone that ever graduated from high school, or even just has a 5th grade education or less, knows that every story has a beginning, middle and end.  Acts, 1,2,3. The second act is where we can get lost in a quagmire swamp of events, and what leads one to another. Where we cut and who we decide to start each scene with determines the arc of the characters as well as the events. Not just the protagonist has an arc.  So the most important thing is to create a timeline of events or an outline to follow.  So I create the timeline and from there the Treatment and from there the script is written.  If I change something in one document I change it in the others and go on. But what about the characters?  Characters are described and have a profile so that we can show what their POV is by the way they react. That’s very important.  You want to show everyone’s side of the argument and argue intelligently, desperately, passionately or how ever you decide in favour or against something.  Some people may have more than 3 acts. If you divide the second act into two you would have 4, you can have 6 or 7 acts. Each act is its own story within the story that connects to the overall story and moves the action along.  We want things to move towards the climatic moment after all hell’s loose and either win or lose or both, or none.  So that we can have closure.

Some movies seem not to have closure and we wonder what happened next, that’s okay, too.  Anything and everything is possible.  Nowadays we see a lot of non-linearity in movies.  Stories are not told from beginning to end but as bursts of memory, parallel universes, in flashbacks, going back and forth in time.  I thought it was just me that couldn’t do the beginning to end thing but as  I learned from my workshop with Linda Aronson, there are lots more storytellers that think non-linearily than what I imagined.

My next screenplay, the one I am writing now is a big challenge for me.  I am a ghost writer and it is sometimes difficult to make myself understood. I may talk screenplay jargon not realising that the other person or main writer (the owner of the story) hasn’t learned that language and should not be required to either.  Instead, I must adapt to speaking in lay terms and not be overly excited about the little artistic nuances encountered in order to make the ebb and low as organic and exciting as possible.  I just see the story in screenplay writing terms and I must also see it as an engineer or a scientist might.  Well, challenges only have one way to go, you must face them. and here I am.

Also, one more thing I want to mention is that Hollywood did not invent screenplay writing or storytelling.  That’s just as old as mankind.  What Hollywood does have a handle on is how the average person understands the story.  But this knowledge comes from psychologists like Karl Jung and mythologists like Joseph Cambell whose books on the subject have been studied by dramaturgs to see that indeed, storytelling follows a natural flow, beginning, middle, end. Now how we want to start is up to us, where we want to go from there, too. The audience will put it all together if we do a good enough job of making the events flow in a synergistic way with whatever our imagination creates.

Happy writing everyone!  It’s Write of Die for me too as a woman in film taking flight.  image002







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