BITTERness ends when you liberate your mind

via Daily Prompt: Bitter

Think of the times you didn’t get what you want. Perhaps others around you did.  Or the times you go by a certain house or see a certain scene in which you wish you would be or have. Does that create a bitter taste in your mouth and in your soul?  It feels like you’re not getting what you deserve and want and you wonder why if you think you’ve done the right thing or not as bad a thing as some who do seem to get what they want.  First, you’re looking at others and assuming they are getting what they want and comparing yourself to them. Two, you’re not looking at the advantages of what you do have and what you can do with it.  In other words, looking outside of yourself is not the answer to getting rid of bitterness. If you think you have been short-changed in life maybe it is time to start feeling grateful for everything you have now, the air that you breathe, the shape of the trees, the roof over your head, as modest as it may be. Whatever your circumstance is there is hope in your heart, there always is.  Take that hope and turn it into joy.  Make a point of seeing things in a positive light.   For every negative thought, there is a positive one.  Use your imagination to fly away from the material into the subconscious.  Stay there. Separate yourself from your body and the things around you. Look at them from a third perspective.  Then see yourself as you wish to be and put this image in your soul, you head, your tongue, and your thoughts.  Stay there and create your own reality.

It is in the power of your mind that happiness lies and bitterness ends.  There, all the turmoils of fitting in and competition end. Liberate your thoughts, create your own reality in your head first, and stick with it no matter what. That is called perseverance. Insist on feeling good. Feel good every morning, every day, day after day.  Breathe slowly and watch your breath. Exercise to get the most energy flowing at a cellular level. Keep your image of yourself in your perfect world in your mind and in your soul so that you can smile at adversity and know it is not you, it is not real, what is real is what’s in your head.  Delusional? Not quite. Optimistic? Yes.

The more optimistic you are and feel, the sooner your alignment will follow. Try it and live the life you dream.

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