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Everything Art is where you can bring your art, sell it and make money in many ways. An artist not only has to create but also sell.  In the old days, artists relied on wealthy feudal lords who paid serfs and artisans to create portraits, write family stories, design furniture, fabrics, clothing, and just about anything for the feudal family.  Today, there are many artists who are endowed by foundations, others who are adopted by private art studios; and then there are artists who are trying to sell their art and ware online, at fairs and conferences around the world, to their friends and family, and just about anywhere.  If you are this last kind of artist then Everything Art is designed to help you succeed.

Everything Art is a new company being formed as we speak.  Every single one of you who becomes a member will also have the right to own shares in the company. We’re taking it to the max at Everything Art. “Publicly traded companies are the thing of the past,” said Sabia, when she told our story after the ecotomb. This is just an insert of my for of expression that is known as literary art, or writing, I mix it with reality all the time.  But to continue on the subject of stock trading, imagine being part of a huge art conglomerate and having a little symbol identifier.  That would be so great to have but only if it meant that a lot of people were benefiting from it. You see, when you become an equity you kind of cease to exist as a physical entity and you’re pretty much running on residuals.  you can stop growing organically and become just an equity stock in a conglomerate.  Your best selling products may still be generating a huge amount of income and you have lots of tiny little entities tied to you plus big ones you have acquired and others you are in the process of acquiring. All of them constitute the whole pizza and the exchange runs reports you can see how well the stock is doing by the number of favourable bets it receives.  That’s the daily exchange happening in digital ownership. Can you cash in on that? I think so, but you might not want to unless your intention is for the stock to die.  What you get is the credit to your company’s name.

Everything art can only be successful if you come together as a community so that people will have a one-place stop to shop for art and an ongoing art show. What is better is that you won’t have to give away your art if you don’t want to.  You can still be the sole proprietor of your art piece unless, of course, you can’t refuse an offer.  What is more, you will be able to produce amazing articles of clothing, furnishing, decor, jewellery or anything else you’d like by way of a third party or producer and selling through Everything Art.

A non-profit foundation, Global Learning Connections, seeks to help people around the globe improve their living conditions and participate in a global economy in which consumers make an intelligent decision when they purchase online or at the store. More about that in future blogs.

I believe the best relationships begin with a common purpose and intent to create a win-win situation.  When you come upon bumps and holes along the way, the relationship is salvaged through transparency.  That’s the key.  We want to create a universe where artists, manufacturers, and salesmen work synergistically for the client. Everything Art is the platform for artists everywhere to showcase creations through myriad ways.

To learn more about Everything Art, contact Angela Terga at angelaterga@gmail.com.  in the body of your email include samples of your artistic mode creation and we will get you started. Thank you, Everything Art will be contacting you after you fill out the contact form here.

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