The Successful-Aging Lifestyle

Being a Woman in Film means having to endure long work hours, editing, writing, traveling, planning, and doing business just about any time and every day. Whether online, in the studio, or on location, media is a 24/7 personal challenge.  I live on the job.  From irregularly scheduled meals and staying off the stair master, to changing sleep patterns and  meeting deadlines, writing and film production are fatiguing and make the immune system lower. Benefits of adopting a Successful-Aging lifestyle include greater energy, stamina, and focus at whatever age.  Those over the hill and any 20-30 year-old will feel better living an anti-aging lifestyle.

Those who have experienced the effects of aging on muscles, joints, skin and hair along with reduced energy, will surely be a connoisseur of anti-inflammatory supplements, alternate therapies and stem cell treatments. Anti-aging products and services flood online and local marketplaces like never before.  But Xs and Boomers are not the only ones that can reap the benefits of  an anti-aging or successful-aging lifestyle.

The first cause of disability in this country is arthritis.  This debilitating disease usually pops up during senescence and is one of the hardest to combat.  Lack of mobility and range of motion accompanied by pain can be combatted with such a vast list of holistic remedies, teas, and special foods, that it is difficult to know which ones are most effective and best suited for your condition. Here are some worthy of mention.

Let’s start with Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples.  Clinical studies have shown that taking 500 mg capsules 4 times a day decreases inflammation and reduces pain.  How many servings of pineapples must we have in a day for such a dose? A slice will give you 100mg, so 4 to 5 would be appropriate. Bromelain has other benefits as well.

The anti inflammatory properties of Ginger may one day make it a substitute for NSAIDs, says one study performed at the University of Miami.  Just 255 mg of this extract twice daily is the recommended dosage to relief aches and pains from arthritis and muscle strains. Ginger supplements rage in price and type.

Curcumin, on the other hand, besides being a potent anti inflammatory agent, also helps restore tissues. This potent antioxidant can neutralize free radicals and activates your own body’s antioxidant mechanisms. Curcumin supplements and the fresh root used in cooking and tea make your diet rich in antioxidants.

Devil’s claw is said to be as effective as Voxx to combat RA due to the presence of the chemical Herpagoside which suppresses active enzymes and proteins and inhibits the formation of cyclooxygenase compounds responsible for the production of fibrin and creating inflammation.  A dosage of 750 to 1000 mg three times a day is recommended. Click here for devil claw supplement prices

There are many brands of proteolytic enzymes in the market that claim to reduce inflammation and pain. Considered the miracle enzyme, it has been used to relief inflammation and clean out the blood for 25 years. Proteolytic enzyme supplements

While dietary supplements are known to manage arthritis pain, used in conjunction, acupuncture, a treatment that has been in use for 2000 years,  may produce the best results.  The effectiveness of acupuncture depends on the severity of the damage and pain.  Western medicine has finally accepted the effectiveness of acupuncture as a way of treating pain. More about the effectiveness of acupuncture

However, Stem cell treatments are the latest and most debatable alternative today.  Although considered a safe procedure, stem cell treatments are not standard practice and won’t be covered by most insurance policies.  The stem cells are harvested from the patient and introduced in the area where they are said to regenerate tissues.  The cost can be a hefty 4 to 7 thousand dollars for one treatment. More on stem cell research and therapies.

Exercise your stiff and sore muscles and joints and you’ll feel better.  Gentle yoga, swimming, Pilates, and light aerobics are some of the most beneficial forms of exercise to help you get more out of your day and life. Exercise benefits for arthritis.

Let’s not forget the benefits of meditation for a successful-aging lifestyle. Twenty minutes a day will do wonders for your pain tolerance, patience, and maximizing the intake of oxygen at the cellular level. Disease prevention with meditation.

Lead a successful aging lifestyle.  Let the 2018 games begin!






National Screenwriters Day

It is only befitting to pay tribute to the day by sharing the last edit on a short  I took up inspired by Aaron Sorkin’s master class. Then I found out that the assignment was to write a play on a public domain short story.  That was one time when it was most beneficial not to read directions thoroughly.  This script is for a music video and I hope you guys can make up the beat that goes with the lyrics here written, which are not mine but the artist’s.

It’s only 9 or ten pages long, and because the lyrics are written in, you can skip the lyrics if you want and just read the action and the dialogue. I would like to know if you think I should take out the last line in the last page and leave it hanging on a cliff and if you think that more backstory should be given. Leave your comment here.  Thank you in advance.  Blessings for the New Year; 2018 is the year of l take a stand.

Here is: D’s Story

FADE IN: EXT. CITY – SIDEWALK – DAY Footsteps on the sidewalk, keys in hand, DAVID, 20s, waiter, raps a song on the way to a sporty black car parked at the curb.

DAVID (V.O.) (rapping) Pass me that ‘gluck’ so I can get a buck, a mean frown stay on my face cuz I don’t give a fuck. Locked out in a ‘fro with a big fila coat 14 carat gold.

A step ahead of David, ASHLEY, 20s, waitress, gets in the passenger side of the black car.

DAVID (V.O.) (rapping) Smile and a bone around my throat. Gluck 19 tucked nicely down my fruit of the looms for them niggas that trick it in. I’m sticking up them tracks they boom.

INT. BLACK CAR David turns the ignition key and same rap song blasts on.

DAVID (V.O.) Shaking like a mothe fucka when I lock you down tight in tha chevy trunk with nothing but next to dig for yo life. Fool it ain’t no game the devil sent me Six in yo chest. Who’s next? no niceness in me. Tha killa’s up in my crew.

ASHLEY We’re late again.

EXT. BLACK CAR – CITY STREETS Follow black car zig zag on city traffic blasting rap song.

DAVID (O.S Fool it ain’t no game the devil sent me Six in yo chest. Who’s next? no niceness in me. Tha killa’s up in my crew.

MARIO’S RESTAURANT PARKING The black car pulls into Don Mario’s restaurant parking lot.

INT. BLACK CAR The engine and the rap song turn off. David takes a gun tucked under his belt and sticks it in the glove compartment.

ASHLEY You promised, David!

DAVID You never know when you’re going to need it.

EXT. DON MARIO’S PARKING LOT Ashley hurries inside. David lags behind. DAVID (V.O.) (rapping) I take no shit. Niggas you better run. We bout it bitch. No nigga dont play. We roll with automatics. Set up with the hoe shit. Nigga we gotta close shop. Juice on the bugler do a 9 leaving you hoes to rot. Big cam with a punk. Malekie with a attitude Smith and Wesson in his hand. Blow tha bitch out his shoes.


INT. RESTAURANT- NIGHT Lively Latin Restaurant PATRONS at linen tables.

WAITERS walk to and fro tables, kitchen, and bar.

Ashley, Hostess, leads a couple to their booth: SEAN, flashy with heavy gold cross, gold watch, holds NERY’s hand, 20s, in minidress.

SEAN’S BOOTH Sean and Nery sitting across from each other. NERY You promised! Sean takes the cloth napkin and slams it on the table.

SEAN C’mon baby!

David walks towards the table, pad in hand. Sean scurries next to Nery, puts his arm around her and whispers in her ear. She gives him a naughty smile and giggles taking his hand away from her crotch when she sees the waiter coming.

DAVID Good evening. Welcome. My name is David. I’ll be your server tonight. May I get you started with something to drink.

SEAN Yea, get me a 40 ounce. Nery nudges him in the ribs. NERY Sean… they don’t have that here.

DAVID We have wine by the glass and bottle; national and imported beers, draft, mixed drinks… If you need a minute to decide I’ll be right back. SEAN No, we don’t need no time. Baby, what you wanna drink?

NERY I’ll have a mimosa. DAVID What about you, sir? SEAN What about….you know… NERY Oh yea, right. Ginger ale please.

SEAN Bring me an IPA.

DAVID Would you like more time to order? SEAN I’ll have the palomilla steak with plantains and moros.

NERY The shrimp cocktail for me please. David takes note. DAVID Ok, any thing else…Can I have your menus please? Sean hands the menus to David.

FREEZE SHOT – MEMORY FLASH – A SCORPION TATTOO ON SEAN’S ARM. DAVID (CONT’D) (stutters) Thanks… Sean notices David’s nervousness. SEAN What’s wrong with that guy?

INT. BATHROOM. NIGHT David leans against the wall, closes his eyes, breathes heavily.

DAVID Motha fucka…

He splashes water on his face, looks in the mirror, puts his finger down his shirt and rubs a spot on his sternum. Sean walks in. He stops and he and David size each other up. Beat. David holds himself back and exits.


David spots DANNY, 40’s waiter, on his way to a table, and catches up with him.

DAVID Danny man, you gotta cover for me. I’m sick.

DANNY So am I, bro. Sick of covering for your sorry ass.

DAVID Thanks man, I owe you big time.

INT. CASHIER’S COUNTER – NIGHT Ashley enters data on the PC. David whispers in her ear. DAVID (whispering) Look at table 5.

ASHLEY Who is it? Ashley looks towards Sean’s table. A waiter comes with bills and credit cards.

ASHLEY (V.O.)(CONT’D) Your dream came true, now what? Ashley turns back looking for David but he’s gone.

INT. SEAN’S BOOTH Sean looks around nervously. He chugs his beer. Nery notices his nervousness.

SEAN We gotta go babe.

Nery sips her drink.

NERY Why, we just got here, I’m hungry.

SEAN Something came up, we gotta go.

NERY It’s her isn’t it!? NERY (CONT’D) That’s it! I’m done with you! SEAN Calm down, we can go someplace else to talk, I promise.

NERY You promise? Give me a break! I’m done with you, take your promises and shove them you know where, Sean, it’s Nery storms from the booth towards the front door exit.

INT. BLACK CAR David takes the gun and tucks it under his belt. His cell lights up with Ashley’s face. He turns it off.

INT. CASHIER’S DESK On her cell, Ashley turns her back to the counter.

ASHLEY He found him, or the other way around. I don’t know what he’s going to do. A waiter at the cash register insists.

WAITER (V.O.) Hey Ashley, I need that change, please.

INT. RESTAURANT – FRONT DOOR Sean catches up with Nery at the door and pulls her forcibly. Nery slaps him in the face.

NERY Let go! Restaurant waiter and patrons notice the wrangle.

SEAN Let’s get in the car!

The MANAGER, approaches them with the bill.

Nery shakes off Sean’s grip and walks out.

NERY (V.O.) I’ll find my own way home.

Sean pulls out a bill from his wallet and hands it to the manager. SEAN Keep the change.

EXT. RESTAURANT PARKING – NIGHT David ducks in his car watching the restaurant’s entrance.

Nery heads to the street on the phone. Sean gets in his BMW and drives slowly. David follows the BMW.

EXT/INT – STREET – CAR – NIGHT Sean slows down to the same speed Nery walks. Nery stops and gets in the car. Sean looks through the rearview mirror and notices the black half a block behind his BMW. He speeds up through traffic.

EXT. MCDONALD’S DRIVE THRU – NIGHT Sean pulls into a McDonalds drive thru and checks the rearview. The black car drives past McDonalds.

INT. SEAN’S BMW Nery’s crying in the front seat. NERY The only reason I got in her is because I forgot my wallet.

SEAN Sorry about the restaurant, do you want some chicken nuggets, or not?

INT. BLACK CAR David parks in a lot next to McDonald’s and calls a number. 20s, JOEY’s face on the phone.

JOEY You’re all bark.

DAVID I need your car. Catch up with me. Let’s switch, he knows this car. I’m on 135th and Miller.

DAVID’S POV – SEAN’S CAR HEADS NORTH. JOEY I’m not far. Coming up.

EXT. CITY STREET – NIGHT David clicks off. The cell lights up Daryl’s face. DARYL Don’t do it, it’s not worth it.

DAVID Leave me alone, Daryl. I’ll do what I need to do.

INT. SEAN’S BMW Through rearview Sean spots the black car. He picks up speed, turns a corner and pulls up to a building.

SEAN I’ll talk to you tomorrow, ok?

NERY This is no life for a kid.

EXT. BUILDING VALET DRIVE THRU Nery slams the car door.

SEAN Call me! EXT. STREET CORNER David and Joey change cars.

INT. SEAN’S CAR Sean check rearview mirror. No black car. He sighs. Sean drives to the movie theatre and parks.

EXT. MOVIE THEATRE – BOX OFFICE – NIGHT Several size lines, Sean finds the shortest, and looks over his shoulder.

EXT. MOVIE THEATRE – SIDE ENTRANCE – David scurries from the parking to a side door, takes the stopper out and enters.

INT. MOVIE THEATRE KITCHEN The MANAGER, 30s woman, sees him and smiles. MANAGER What’s up D? You’re a bit early.

DAVID Hey Susie, catch you after the show. David takes a look at the pots and pans in the sink and grabs the company cap from a door under the sink.

INT. MOVIE THEATRE – COMMON COURT The ADMIN CLERK takes Sean’s ticket. Sean finds Hall entrance on the ticket stub and heads there.

David catches Sean’s back towards the Hall and follows.

Sean climbs to the top of the stairs. David climbs on the opposite side. Sean texts: “A f**n’ ghost is after me, can’t go home yet.” David crawls two rows behind Sean’s and sits behind Sean. Sean closes his eyes.

FLASHBACK – EXT. COMPLEX ENTRANCE – GATE – NIGHT Sean points gun on David’s chest. Back to scene. David points gun at Sean’s head.

FLASHBACK – EXT. COMPLEX ENTRANCE – GATE – Gun shot blast. David falls back in slow motion.


EXT. MOVIE THEATRE – PARKING A group of noisy teenagers walks to window. David walks down the sidewalk to his black car.

DAVID (V.O.) (rapping softly) Fool it ain’t no game the devil sent me Six in yo chest. Who’s next? no niceness in me. Tha killa’s up in my crew. Sean pulls out in his BMW. FADE OUT.

New Year Promises of Women in Film

It’s the New Year and 2018 seems like a promising year for Women in Film.

We all make New Year resolutions, or promises we make to our Self.  For me, it’s in the form of lists. I list the goals I set for each separate part of my life.  It reminds me of a painting I saw at the Dali Museum in St. Pete, Florida years ago, of a woman made up of drawers.  In each drawer we have a different identity, a different goal.  In one, I may be  the mother of two adult sons choosing their partners in life and following their own lives’ journeys. In another one are my publications, while in another one is my relationship with myself.  I know what I want in 2018 and beyond, what my desire looks like, sounds like, tastes like, and feels like.  It feels just like now, me sitting here writing and the world is running through my fingers.

Before 2017, I would never have thought that we, the women of the world, would stand up for ourselves and face off to powerful men in media to put a stop to the casting couch test.  What I mean by the phrase, casting couch test, is the abuse of power by men in positions where they can make successful careers from one day to the next in exchange for the silence of the lambs.  After all, we have witnessed rape, misogyny, negligence, and other intolerable actions against women and we have stood by and did nothing to stop it.  Examples include arranged marriages, prostitution, inferior salaries for women workers, and abuse of women professions sucha as teachers, actors and filmmakers.

But we have come a long way. I had the privilege of learning about a great woman feminist by researching so much about her life and reading the material over and over again so much I started to share her point of view, her psyche and her soul.  I’m talking about Sojourner Truth, whose screenplay I wrote.  It was one of those first contracts you make when you don’t know any better and after quitting my job and dedicating months to the job, at the end, never received compensation for it.  I know that the man who signed that contract and who’s out there looking for funds should realize that I am Sojourner Truth and that what he has done to me he has done to her.  So how could he make this movie happen even if he gets all the funds in the world, if he can’t start by doing the right thing for one woman who trusted him and put her livelihood on the line.  It’s been two years since and not even a partial payment has been made after the initial one that got me started and covered travel and research costs. I hate lies. If you can’t pay for something don’t promise you will.  Respect.  That’s one of the forms of abuse we Women in Film experience when we’re learning our way in this business.

The promise I make to myself and my advice to all women in film and all media business is to sell my services high. Get paid upfront and deliver a good product.  That’s my motto.  I promise myself I will not fall prey to lies but will get a lawyer to draw the contract and have them to pay for it.  If they pay you 1/4 up front and they’re supposed to pay the rest at a given date but don’t, don’t continue the work until full payment has been made.  People will find the money they need if they are set on a goal.

Another promise every writer probably makes is to write everyday.  I also promise to work on all of my projects at the same time.  I know that sounds crazy but if I don’t spend a few hours each week on each, it is not possible to keep them all going somewhere.  I may prioritize one over the rest, but I still have to keep them all in the game.  I promise to believe in myself and give thanks.  I know this is going to be a better year because I am wiser and have gained the courage to overcome my fears.  I am unstoppable.

Here is a list of movies directed by women in 2017 by Refinery 29.  I agree that to see more women behind the camera where we are still atrociously absent in all major networks and film houses, is to go see movies directed by women. The Women-Directed Movies From 2017 To Watch Right Now. How many times is Cinderella going to be rewritten and how long is Star Wars going to be the only Sci-Fi Film Series that makes it big? I know there have to be many authors and filmmakers out there with outrageously good sci-fi stories who are not given a chance to tune audiences into their plot.  But just like the citizens of a nation reflect the type of government they have, so does the public dictate the fate of their artists.  An educated audience, refined in their choice of entertainment, diverse in preference and appreciative of all sound story telling is somewhat of an ideal dream for us in the U.S.

Thanks to women who have put their jobs and reputation on the line, one hundred powerful men have been accused of sexual misconduct and many of them have lost their positions within their networks and even their own companies. Check out this article on 100 powerful men that have been accused of sexual misconduct.  How many other sexual predators do you think are out there who have not been accused? I hope this is a lesson for all men and women alike. I’m so proud of the women of the year, the whistle blowers who have had the courage to stand up for all of us.  Thank You!

Dali was deeply influenced by the work of Sigmund Freud, contending “The only difference between immortal Greece and contemporary times is Sigmund Freud, who discovered that the human body, purely platonic in the Greek epoch, is nowadays full of secret drawers that only psychoanalysis is capable to open.”







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