The Worse Small Business Website Building WordPress Experience Ever

I signed up for a WordPress Business Plan on this platform after years of having a couple of blogs and following their advertisements. My goals are to offer writing services and sell my books, films, and memorabilia merchandise. I plan to include other books and movies for sale on Amazon and other platforms like Vida through an affiliated web page optimized with keywords and connected to Google Analytics and Hoot Suite.   Right now, if you visit my site,, you will only get the basic sketch of what I ultimately want; the books are not added yet nor are the memorabilia or the films.  For a glimpse of Angela Terga books click here

After purchasing a whole year’s worth of the WordPress premium subscription I have yet to receive a set of decent instructions except the one 30 min free overview that answered the most basic things.  The instructions I receive from the WordPress support team whenever I can get to them, which isn’t very quickly,  are never complete.  They only take you to an initial step and then leave you hanging in mid-air.  How do you think it feels to not be able to make a drop-down menu, find out how to remove an image from a theme, worse, get any theme help?  They, (bots or humans on support) just offer links to page after page of the basic steps general information.

This is the page where beginners need to go to get started on a long an painful learning curve if your website building skills are not at the level of a developer: Hours on End Ledet is another company that offers WordPress learning for the right price.  Some offers are jacked up to $250 to help you with the basic stuff on WordPress. False advertising should be punishable, it probably is, theoretically, but had to prove and who’s willing to waste more of their time.  Get to the building of the website.

However, I like to boast of being a Buddhist compassion sutra student, and I know that if I do not forgive and make the best of it, it will only get worse for me.  Whatever karmic teaching this is giving me, it must be necessary for me to move onto a higher spiritual and technical ground. However, I cannot waste any more time on learning and then doing I must learn as I am doing.  I ask the power of the universe to enlighten me on this task of building a monetized website reality with my own knowledge and the help of WordPress Support.

I think this feels like is the worse experience I’ve had building a website. I built a previous one, but it was very basic, too, no dropdown menu, however, I did get my books linked to a page there.   I remember the frustration felt when starting out on the previous website.  I got angry there, too.  I felt robbed when I paid the web host money for teaching me SEO and he did not and would not give the money back when I said I was not satisfied with the course.  I was a bad student according to him, and I was mean for not being able to understand the value of the course.  He said that to get backlinks to my website I should be nice to people and to optimize SEO, I should choose keywords and write them right next to each other.  He also said that meta tags are obsolete.  Well, if that’s worth $400, please!

Perhaps it’s the victim syndrome that attracts these humbling, human experiences to me, but it sure hope I can change that.  Kundalini yoga helps me shake the negative feelings off.  just shake, shake, shake.  Poetry is another form of shaking off whatever is not working on your soul right now. I practice writing for pleasure often.  Especially in the morning. Then, you kind of set your compass for the day.   Instead of gloomy and frustrating words, I should start to write cheerful technical solutions in poetry.


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