Independent Sci-Fi Movie of the Week: Primer

Primer movie poster

Starting this and every Friday, Angela Terga and Friends at TAT Productions will be suggesting a sci-fi indie movie of the week to watch over the weekend.

Primer  is an incredibly super micro-budget ($7,000) indie film by Shane Carruth produced, written, and directed by an unknown debutant filmmaker that actually “made it.”  With an exceptionally challenging plot, this science fiction film even has its own explainer video. put together by a cult follower after it won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2004.

TAT Productions staff members have unanimously chosen the movie Primer to be our first recommendation thanks to its theme. We believe time travel possible and achievable by mankind once the code is broken.  The technical details of time travel that this film illustrates make it the max in its genre.

The storyline goes like this:Four young entrepreneurial tech engineers working out of a garage create a time machine unexpectedly and by error when working on weight reduction of objects.  Realizing that they are onto something big in physics, the techies tap into multiplying the space-time continuum in their favor, manipulating time to their financial and emotional benefit.

Shane Carruth, the do-it-all yourself star, director, writer, and producer from South Carolina, is also a mathematician major and a software engineer who understands and adhered to the scientific theories of time travel.  The progression of events in Prime is convoluted, to say the least.

Our advice is that before watching this PG 13, 80-minute sci-fi drama made at ThinkFilm studio, that made $392,420 at the Box Office when it was released in October of 2004, first read this blog. I had to turn on subtitles to get some of the dialogue (Indies are always sound faulty), and imagine yourself being able to “predict the future”.


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