Independent Sci-Fi Movie Of The Week: Sharknado 1-7

Last week I recommended Primer; if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, I hope you will.  Keep in mind it is a mind-bending metaphysical movie.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t get it.  Leave a reply here

What is the sci-fi movie of the week for us at

TAT Productions?

This week, we want to make it easier for you to be a sci-fi nerd.  Are you ready? The best sci-fi movie of the week is a comedy.  That’s right, you can mix the genres up and toss them.  How can a bunch of hungry giant sharks on a people-eating frenzy be funny? Well, I guess you can only take it as a very bad joke.

Watch this horror, sci-fi, action, adventure, comedy and let us know which genre you think it fits best in.

Sharknados logline reads, “When a freak hurricane swamps Los Angeles, nature’s deadliest killer rules sea, land, and air as thousands of sharks terrorize the waterlogged populace.” 

What kind of Reviews did Sharknado get?

One reviewer even said, “it was bloody good fun.”  Critics think it has redefined the old adage, “it’s so bad it’s good.”  From Director Anthony C. Ferrante, written by Thunder Levine, the stars are Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, and John Heard, one cannot imagine anyone but tweens 10 to 18 liking this film. The parental guide of the mild profanity TV-14 film includes such warnings as “a cartoonish gorefest.”

In spite of having an overall 3.3 rating and sporting a highly divided audience (33% give it 5 stars; another 33% give it 1 star; the rest fall in between), Sharknado has managed to grow a huge following thanks to Twitter, to some degree. There’s even a Sharknado TV series now and 7 Sharknado movies have been produced since the first one came out in 2013.

Can you believe  Sharknado happens to be a documentary, too?

How did Sharnado get greenlighted?

How does a written for TV B movie with a ridiculously screenplay initial budget of $100 million get made for $2 million? That sounds exactly like my Spyderwoman/Hybrid dilemma.

Considering B movies is the topic addressed by Sharknado’s producer, David M Latt, co-founder of Asylum, one of the most successful independent studios in Hollywood on this terrific podcast by Rolf Potts “Deviate,”   in which David M Latt discusses the making of this ridiculous film that turned out to be a billion-dollar franchise but was initially produced for $2 million. Latt says roughly a 50% profit is what’s to be expected from a sci-fi TV movie.

How About Twitter Marketing?

To begin with, let’s see how Twitter numbers spurred the buzz.  Because Twitter is definitely the first place everyone goes to share their impressions on stupid things or thoughts that pop into their minds, that’s where the buzz starts.  Sharknado reportedly received in excess of 600,000 unique tweets from 8 PM TO 3 PM EST after airing on the Syfy channel.  That’s twice more than the most popular episode of Game of Thrones got on Twitter.  For Syfy, that was the first time, and a super hard act to follow.

How Much Money Did Sharknado Make?

The results are clearly visible in the financials for this film.  Sharknado  is like the story of the Little Engine that Could, or Cinderella, becoming a multi-billion dollar franchise (a multi-picture story, like Star Wars), and beating Disneys Pixar’s $4 billion TOTAL FRANCHISE GROSS in 2017, according to the Beacon.  Hard to believe, right?

Check out Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! for yourself and if you think it’s a comedy (like I do) let me know here below.

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