Influencer Marketing? What is it? How do you become an Influence on others?

What’s an influencer?

Anyone can become an influencer in their own backyard.

Whether you’re a writer who sells books and related arts merchandise like me, or you’re a makeup artist or a cinematographer.  Like anything else, it takes practice and commitment to your audience, a strong belief in your self and a strategy for success.

Why should you become an Influencer?

  1. Why should you become an influencer?  First of all, you’ll reach such a level of credibility that you’ll become an expert voice at whatever it is you love to do.  Love? Yes, you must love what you do, first and foremost. That’s how people get your vibe. If you’re a phony, it will come through in your act.  
  2. Not only will you drive more traffic to your brand, but you’ll also drive traffic to other brands and that’s how your earnings will increase whether you do accrual or cash accounting, follow the EBIT of the EBITDA accounting format.  Of course, that’s for big guys like Viacom, you can start out small with cash accounting like me and create your niche.
  3. I really believe influencers help small business owners more than ads on TV because they have a responsive audience which TV doesn’t. Also, nobody uses celebrity endorsements anymore (unless you’re a politician) because they’re not credible enough.
  4. Influencers are real people showing relevant things to a niche audience and helping to solve real-life problems. Influencer marketing is here to stay. Why? We listen more to our peer because we relate better to common folks like us.  

How do you become an influencer?

Ten easy steps to becoming an influencer:

  1. Find out what makes you tick. If you’re passionate about fashion, makeup. Weight loss, whatever it is, follow your heart.  Learn as much about your topic of interest as there is to know. Go to no limits to find out about your niche. Only then will you be able to spontaneously be convincing.
  2. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that if you follow the crowd you’ll never be able to stand out.  Whatever you want to call it, find an unusual way of being unique an genuine. One of the rules of success is to not give a damn about what others think about you.  Believe in yourself!
  3. Study all social media channels and choose one.  You’ll want to know which audience you’re trying to reach.  Learn everything there is to know about all the social media sites and how they operate internally for ads and business purposes. Compare social media platforms and follow influencers that stand out (not celebrities) in each of them.  Ask them for tips, whether they’re in your ballpark or not.
  4. Once you know what makes you tick and you’ve learned a lot about it, decide what kind of content is best for your audience.  Does your audience watch videos instead of reading blogs or both? Could you do a mix up of your content, i.e. write blogs, select images that capture the meaning of your topic niche, record videos.
  5. Be consistent in sharing your content. Plan it ahead of time. Produce enough content for a month’s worth of publications.  Choose your schedule according to your audience. Using Hootsuite or Buffer can help you establish a routine.
  6. Sit back and engage with your audience as you produce more content for the next month.   Whatever you do, don’t buy followers. Grow them organically. The way to do that is to engage.  How to engage is a matter of content and strategy.
  7. Grow your network. I’ll say it again.  Don’t purchase followers. Grow them organically. The way to do that is to create content that makes a call to action. Don’t push, jsut listen and solve their problems. They’ll share you without asking.
  8. Count your eggs.  Every social media platform has its own metrics and insights reports that it will gladly provide you with so you can keep track of progress.  Don’t set unrealistic goals but doable objectives. The Little Engine That Could gained momentum and with it rolled.
  9. Keep learning, keep engaging, keep posting, keep your energy and attitude to the max. Never ever give up.  Find new angles, refine our content. Growth is painful but well worth it.
  10. Learn new ways of engaging your audience but keep your brand intact.  For example, if you’ve only been publishing blogs, learn how to make explainer videos. If you use images only, learn to blog.  Add new layers to your brand and reach even more people. They say that those who follow more are followed more, but be careful who you follow. Know your target audience inside out. Find out where their attention goes.
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