Teresita “Angela” Terga grew up between her place of birth, Cuba, America, and Venezuela, returning to the States in the late 80s where she enjoys a career as a writer, producer, translator, and educator close to her children and family members in South Florida. You may reach her at angelaterga.com and follow her social media sites to know more about her.

Growing up, Angela Terga learned to read with the newspaper and a children’s Bible version. Storytelling occurred at bedtime. “Mother was a creative weaver of tales,” she recalls explaining where her passion from writing comes from. “To this day, I believe mother is telling me these stories, in part; I make up the rest on my own. Very much like what we perceive reality to be from one generation to another, everybody puts in their own grain of sand in continuum.” Writing is her calling and making a living from writing is her chosen course of destiny. That means reaching out to audiences and entertaining them with tales of enlightenment through novels, screenplays, ghost writing, and poetry. She hopes you will enjoy her intricately woven tales of love, adventure and magic. “Magical realism in 360 degrees of time. For time does not exist. Man is time” says Ms. Terga.

Being an author and filmmaker is her highest calling and passion in the vast ocean of humanity where she is a drop of water in the endless sea, riding the wave and moving consciousness along.


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