The Successful-Aging Lifestyle

Being a Woman in Film means having to endure long work hours, editing, writing, traveling, planning, and doing business just about any time and every day. Whether online, in the studio, or on location, media is a 24/7 personal challenge.  I live on the job.  From irregularly scheduled meals and staying off the stair master, to changing sleep patterns and  meeting deadlines, writing and film production are fatiguing and make the immune system lower. Benefits of adopting a Successful-Aging lifestyle include greater energy, stamina, and focus at whatever age.  Those over the hill and any 20-30 year-old will feel better living an anti-aging lifestyle.

Those who have experienced the effects of aging on muscles, joints, skin and hair along with reduced energy, will surely be a connoisseur of anti-inflammatory supplements, alternate therapies and stem cell treatments. Anti-aging products and services flood online and local marketplaces like never before.  But Xs and Boomers are not the only ones that can reap the benefits of  an anti-aging or successful-aging lifestyle.

The first cause of disability in this country is arthritis.  This debilitating disease usually pops up during senescence and is one of the hardest to combat.  Lack of mobility and range of motion accompanied by pain can be combatted with such a vast list of holistic remedies, teas, and special foods, that it is difficult to know which ones are most effective and best suited for your condition. Here are some worthy of mention.

Let’s start with Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples.  Clinical studies have shown that taking 500 mg capsules 4 times a day decreases inflammation and reduces pain.  How many servings of pineapples must we have in a day for such a dose? A slice will give you 100mg, so 4 to 5 would be appropriate. Bromelain has other benefits as well.

The anti inflammatory properties of Ginger may one day make it a substitute for NSAIDs, says one study performed at the University of Miami.  Just 255 mg of this extract twice daily is the recommended dosage to relief aches and pains from arthritis and muscle strains. Ginger supplements rage in price and type.

Curcumin, on the other hand, besides being a potent anti inflammatory agent, also helps restore tissues. This potent antioxidant can neutralize free radicals and activates your own body’s antioxidant mechanisms. Curcumin supplements and the fresh root used in cooking and tea make your diet rich in antioxidants.

Devil’s claw is said to be as effective as Voxx to combat RA due to the presence of the chemical Herpagoside which suppresses active enzymes and proteins and inhibits the formation of cyclooxygenase compounds responsible for the production of fibrin and creating inflammation.  A dosage of 750 to 1000 mg three times a day is recommended. Click here for devil claw supplement prices

There are many brands of proteolytic enzymes in the market that claim to reduce inflammation and pain. Considered the miracle enzyme, it has been used to relief inflammation and clean out the blood for 25 years. Proteolytic enzyme supplements

While dietary supplements are known to manage arthritis pain, used in conjunction, acupuncture, a treatment that has been in use for 2000 years,  may produce the best results.  The effectiveness of acupuncture depends on the severity of the damage and pain.  Western medicine has finally accepted the effectiveness of acupuncture as a way of treating pain. More about the effectiveness of acupuncture

However, Stem cell treatments are the latest and most debatable alternative today.  Although considered a safe procedure, stem cell treatments are not standard practice and won’t be covered by most insurance policies.  The stem cells are harvested from the patient and introduced in the area where they are said to regenerate tissues.  The cost can be a hefty 4 to 7 thousand dollars for one treatment. More on stem cell research and therapies.

Exercise your stiff and sore muscles and joints and you’ll feel better.  Gentle yoga, swimming, Pilates, and light aerobics are some of the most beneficial forms of exercise to help you get more out of your day and life. Exercise benefits for arthritis.

Let’s not forget the benefits of meditation for a successful-aging lifestyle. Twenty minutes a day will do wonders for your pain tolerance, patience, and maximizing the intake of oxygen at the cellular level. Disease prevention with meditation.

Lead a successful aging lifestyle.  Let the 2018 games begin!






New Year Promises of Women in Film

It’s the New Year and 2018 seems like a promising year for Women in Film.

We all make New Year resolutions, or promises we make to our Self.  For me, it’s in the form of lists. I list the goals I set for each separate part of my life.  It reminds me of a painting I saw at the Dali Museum in St. Pete, Florida years ago, of a woman made up of drawers.  In each drawer we have a different identity, a different goal.  In one, I may be  the mother of two adult sons choosing their partners in life and following their own lives’ journeys. In another one are my publications, while in another one is my relationship with myself.  I know what I want in 2018 and beyond, what my desire looks like, sounds like, tastes like, and feels like.  It feels just like now, me sitting here writing and the world is running through my fingers.

Before 2017, I would never have thought that we, the women of the world, would stand up for ourselves and face off to powerful men in media to put a stop to the casting couch test.  What I mean by the phrase, casting couch test, is the abuse of power by men in positions where they can make successful careers from one day to the next in exchange for the silence of the lambs.  After all, we have witnessed rape, misogyny, negligence, and other intolerable actions against women and we have stood by and did nothing to stop it.  Examples include arranged marriages, prostitution, inferior salaries for women workers, and abuse of women professions sucha as teachers, actors and filmmakers.

But we have come a long way. I had the privilege of learning about a great woman feminist by researching so much about her life and reading the material over and over again so much I started to share her point of view, her psyche and her soul.  I’m talking about Sojourner Truth, whose screenplay I wrote.  It was one of those first contracts you make when you don’t know any better and after quitting my job and dedicating months to the job, at the end, never received compensation for it.  I know that the man who signed that contract and who’s out there looking for funds should realize that I am Sojourner Truth and that what he has done to me he has done to her.  So how could he make this movie happen even if he gets all the funds in the world, if he can’t start by doing the right thing for one woman who trusted him and put her livelihood on the line.  It’s been two years since and not even a partial payment has been made after the initial one that got me started and covered travel and research costs. I hate lies. If you can’t pay for something don’t promise you will.  Respect.  That’s one of the forms of abuse we Women in Film experience when we’re learning our way in this business.

The promise I make to myself and my advice to all women in film and all media business is to sell my services high. Get paid upfront and deliver a good product.  That’s my motto.  I promise myself I will not fall prey to lies but will get a lawyer to draw the contract and have them to pay for it.  If they pay you 1/4 up front and they’re supposed to pay the rest at a given date but don’t, don’t continue the work until full payment has been made.  People will find the money they need if they are set on a goal.

Another promise every writer probably makes is to write everyday.  I also promise to work on all of my projects at the same time.  I know that sounds crazy but if I don’t spend a few hours each week on each, it is not possible to keep them all going somewhere.  I may prioritize one over the rest, but I still have to keep them all in the game.  I promise to believe in myself and give thanks.  I know this is going to be a better year because I am wiser and have gained the courage to overcome my fears.  I am unstoppable.

Here is a list of movies directed by women in 2017 by Refinery 29.  I agree that to see more women behind the camera where we are still atrociously absent in all major networks and film houses, is to go see movies directed by women. The Women-Directed Movies From 2017 To Watch Right Now. How many times is Cinderella going to be rewritten and how long is Star Wars going to be the only Sci-Fi Film Series that makes it big? I know there have to be many authors and filmmakers out there with outrageously good sci-fi stories who are not given a chance to tune audiences into their plot.  But just like the citizens of a nation reflect the type of government they have, so does the public dictate the fate of their artists.  An educated audience, refined in their choice of entertainment, diverse in preference and appreciative of all sound story telling is somewhat of an ideal dream for us in the U.S.

Thanks to women who have put their jobs and reputation on the line, one hundred powerful men have been accused of sexual misconduct and many of them have lost their positions within their networks and even their own companies. Check out this article on 100 powerful men that have been accused of sexual misconduct.  How many other sexual predators do you think are out there who have not been accused? I hope this is a lesson for all men and women alike. I’m so proud of the women of the year, the whistle blowers who have had the courage to stand up for all of us.  Thank You!

Dali was deeply influenced by the work of Sigmund Freud, contending “The only difference between immortal Greece and contemporary times is Sigmund Freud, who discovered that the human body, purely platonic in the Greek epoch, is nowadays full of secret drawers that only psychoanalysis is capable to open.”







Ghost Writers must know the hero’s world

A writer must know, really know, the world the hero lives in from many different angles if it’s to recreate a deep character with layers of significance.  This complexity is what I love about a character.

Writers sometimes use poetry to warm up their creative juices for the day. Sometimes I do. I get in touch with my feelings and accept them or do away with them if I don’t want them and get right into the writing.  The vision comes more clearly to me that way when I am in a state of zen. I write what I live and live what I write.image003  The following is an expert from my book Sandcastles which I am reading and revising.


Make every day a new dream

every hour an ecstasy

never regret your mistakes

but never make the same one twice

face every challenge

strengthen self-esteem

put aside ungratified desires

don’t miss things you don’t have

measure every opportunity

let it o by if it means trouble

treasure memories of bliss

they’ll come around to greet you

on every door to knock

they’re hidden smiles upon hard times

feel alive each minute

look around you and be one with your surroundings

let emotions take you over

and be free this way

never stay on the same track too long

change goals when you can’t reach them

trying is what counts and what we learn from

striving to achieve is the one objective

intensify your senses

omit no details

meditate and concentrate

life is too short for self-pity and contempt

By Angela Terga, written in 1978

Angela’s screenplays


angelaterga.comAngela Terga – writer, producer, director

Writing a screenplay takes a lot of time and effort. These are my flowers.
-Hybrid is a story within a story about how the future will judge us and creating an enlightened society.
-TNC is an international conspiracy to possess and manipulate the truth of Virgin’s Mary’s testimony to St. Luke.
-Sotru is non-other than the mother of all equal rights advocates and how truth sets us free.
-Isabel is a determined woman that gets what she wants in a future life.
-Robbie is a rock that holds the wisdom of the universe within accessible only to those with pure hearts.
I have another one coming soon. And there are others without graphics yet.
Stay tuned. 



Focus on Focusing

Have you ever felt like you were on the short end of the stick,  travelling in the opposite way in which you wished to go and wondered why? Well, if it’s all in our mind, then focusing on what you want should get you more of it, if you take out the stigma of not having it. That’s what Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Esther Hicks, and Napoleon Hill, the Secret, and many other Law of Attraction paracletes abrogate. But to no consolation since the lack of whatever it is you want and don’t have is the constant mediator between you and yourself.

After much sen seing on your part to yourself, over and over, again and again, you may feel to be in an illumined state of ‘let it be; let it go,’ don’t push in either direction, stay put, relax. Where there is neither pain nor gain, neither joy nor sorrow, nothingness brings you to the start.  Fresh and out of Compton into the Vortex where all your dreams are real, there is nothing lacking, and life, reality, your bank account, the hits on your YouTube channel and your place on Google are all indicators of your right alignment that makes ‘it is as it is’ the dream of dreams.

Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day! From TAT Productions, A Woman in Film.

Visit my site and purchase Sandcastles my book of poems. Slide1

Hybrid – TV Show Pilot enters Audience Awards Film Fest

The Audience Awards is giving Women in Film a chance to shine.  After watching just the first few movies by women in film from all over the world, it was clear that Hybrid, TV Show,  has a lot of strong competition.  But how many of the Audience Awards films submitted by hundreds of  women filmmakers, are series like Hybrid the TV Show?

Watch HYBRID here

Underlying this tale of a superheroine, is a spiritual message of enlightenment for humanity. How well does this pilot show that? Not well, since those scenes haven’t been shot yet. Hybrid is a pilot that leaves a lot unsaid, hopefully it wets the appetite enough to draw viewers back for more. After watching, would you want to find out more about this venomous hybrid?  For example, where did she come from? Why is she here? What does she want? How many of these questions does the pilot hint at? In this nonlinear structure, viewers cloze in on the plot. Go watch and Enjoy the films at the Audience Awards, look for Hybrid TV Show and give us your vote.

Check out filmmaker Angela Terga’s and other women in film profiles. Thank you All!Audience Awards

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