Do you have a compelling story to tell the world but you just can’t write it on your own? Many people are great storytellers but they don’t have the patience and skills it takes to follow through in the process of creating a product, whether fiction or nonfiction in textual content.  TAT Productions at can help you meet your goal.

Authoring a Book

If you would like to author a novel, you have the story in your head, yet need someone to bring it out into the light, transcribe it into text, and mold it into a format,  you have come to the right page.   To start getting acquainted, you must be available to meet with the ghostwriter at an agreed location or telecommute via Skype or another method.

Once the book plan has been proposed, it’s just a matter of weeks or months before your authored book is ready.  Today, it is easier to publish a book than ever, but it is also very competitive, and there are many unscrupulous companies who will publish your book for thousands but you’ll never get a penny back on your investment because marketing is not included in the price.

How much does it cost to publish?

At TAT Productions, we would like to offer you the transparency you will not get elsewhere.   To secure your copyright and publish according to your preferences, can be the most inexpensive part of the process.  Printing the book can be costly, but we work with printers that offer the most competitive rates in the industry so you can stock up on your book to sell and promote.

Book Marketing

While marketing can require the most resources and knowledge, something that we at TAT Productions are still learning, we can offer you low-cost organic copywriting for your book sales and guarantee at least 5 reviews.  Reviews are the backbone of book marketing and there are many online bookstores where you can place your book such as Goodreads.  A book distributor company will place your book in front of librarians, and bookstores all over the world.  We partner up with distribution companies according to genres once your book is finished.

The Best Quality Ghostwriter

The best ghostwriter is one who can adapt to your author’s voice, your insights, and your needs.  At TAT Productions, we care about your satisfaction and want to make a name for ourselves in this business. Your word of mouth referral, based on an excellent first-hand experience, is as valuable as an ad on prime time television.

What matters most is the time you can devote to working with the ghostwriter and the wholeness of the story you present.  Every protagonist needs a strong motivation, an even stronger obstacle, and an unprecedented outcome.  When the story is weak, the results are not as exciting.

Once the story has been developed and written, editing and proofreading services are included in the quote as well as publishing on Amazon and IngramSpark.   These two companies have their own marketing programs which begin with getting reviews for your book, which TAT Productions can provide as stated earlier.

Illustrations & Photos

If your book is illustrated or contains photographs, these must have a certain pixelation and format that requires extra help. Depending on the need, we will take this into consideration when creating a Book Proposal.



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