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Writing a screenplay takes a lot of time and effort. These are my flowers.
-Hybrid is a story within a story about how the future will judge us and creating an enlightened society.
-TNC is an international conspiracy to possess and manipulate the truth of Virgin’s Mary’s testimony to St. Luke.
-Sotru is non-other than the mother of all equal rights advocates and how truth sets us free.
-Isabel is a determined woman that gets what she wants in a future life.
-Robbie is a rock that holds the wisdom of the universe within accessible only to those with pure hearts.
I have another one coming soon. And there are others without graphics yet.
Stay tuned. 



The Art of Living. In Harmony With Our Environment: Etiquette et·i·quette ˈedəkət,ˈedəˌket/

manners 2fine diningfine dining 2Etiquette:  In Harmony With Our Environment

ˈ”edəkət,ˈedəˌket/noun The customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.” 
I’d like to know. How much do manners matter and how important is their role in relationships to you? Manners matters to me, but it doesn’t keep me from seeing beyond and reaching the heart of others, regardless of their manners.

Every day of our lives everyone follows some form of etiquette.

Find out what the most common, best, and worst manners are, and make a cross reference to your own list of best and worst manners. Write your list in the comments space on this page and check back to see when your twin soul shows up. Comment on their post, if you would, please.  Thank you.

The following list of most common bad manners of the day reported by may surprise you.
1. How much do you make, how much did you pay for that ________________.
2. Cell phone conversations in public.
3. Excessive virtual socializing.
4. Crowding the person at the cash register.
5. Dressing inappropriately.
6. Being unkind to disabled people.
7. Casting off the elderly.
8. Letting children misbehave.
9. Exhibiting terrible manners at the table.
10. Not taking the time to show gratitude.
11. Ignoring the RSVP.
12. Letting foul language fly in public.

How many of the above match your list?

Let’s look at dining out manners.
That tops my list.
I don’t know about you, but I think that burping loudly is always a bad manner, whether you’re home alone or not. I am my own companion, and I like to be polite to myself. So I always try to burp as quietly as possible or none at all.

When dining out, it is customary to wait to be seated, but if we have a say, shouldn’t we choose our seat, especially in a restaurant? Avoiding high traffic areas, not too close to the door or the kitchen and not too far in the back to be forgotten, may enhance your dining experience. After all, you’re not there for the food alone, the ambiance and you determine the mood. Dining is part of the art of living.

Do put your napkin on your lap. Start from the outside in with your cutlery. Hold your fork with your left hand and your knife with the right. Cut your food in small pieces. Chew thoroughly. Take your time. Converse.

Do these archaic rules still reign over our table manners?
Don’t chew with your mouth open.
Don’t talk with your mouth full.
Don’t drink while there is still food in your mouth.
Don’t over extend to reach something on the table, but ask for it to be moved to a spot on the table closer to your reach, but not to your hand.
Don’t rest your elbows on the table.
Don’t use your cell phone while dining. Put it away.
Don’t push your plate when you’re done.
Don’t sop.
Don’t wave utensils about.
Don’t take a half bite.
Don’t blow on your food.
Don’t pick your teeth.
Don’t slouch.
Don’t groom at the table.
Don’t slurp.
Don’t stuff your mouth.
Don’t blow your nose at the table.

Fine Dining
Having a cocktail with your dinner may not be such a bad idea, after all.
Ideally, cocktails are served first, you may drink one or two while conversing and ordering your meal. Then, with your meal, you may drink wine or water. After dessert, or if you skip dessert, you may drink coffee and a poussé café (my favorite) followed by cognac and cigars. That really hikes the price of your meal. But fine dining has a downside.

After dining.
Once you’re finished, what do you do? Get in the car and go home to watch TV? Why not take a short walk around the neighborhood, the park, the beach, wherever the restaurant or home is. Perhaps a short visit to the balcony or the front yard will enhance circulation for a better digestion.

Utensils use.
Besides working from the outside in, we also need to know how to set our fork and knife down while we rest and when we’re done. Utensils should be placed parallel to each other on top of the plate with the prongs up, in America, with the tines down, in England, when you’re finished. When you’re resting make a V with your utensils on the plate, but never cross them.

In the, now considered, American zig-zag method of fork switching, you change hands after every bite. That’s how I was taught by Mrs. Belton in my Home Ec class in high school. The European style, however, is becoming ever more prevalent in the U.S. where a hybrid style has developed. It always bothered me to see people take the food to their mouth with the left hand. But I find out that’s actually Western world etiquette, nowadays. Guess I was a little bit behind the times.

The art of living manners.
What tops your list?
Mine starts with spitting. I found a blogger, John Burnette,, who said, “But (for) those guys who didn’t grow up and can’t afford a sports car to prove their manliness, there’s spitting.”

Please, don’t spit in front of a ‘lady,’ that’s a sign of disrespect, it just says “I don’t give a f***.” I consider all women ladies, by the way. Just like I’d like to see a gentleman in you.

Certainly, I have a fair amount of etiquette flaws, especially when it comes to conversing.
I sometimes interrupt people because I am eager to get my point across, I may finish people’s sentence, or answer their question before they’ve finished it, assuming I know what they’re about to say or ask. Sometimes, I may forget to say thank you, I’m sorry, excuse, or you’re welcome if I’m in a hurry or thinking about something else that’s important to me at that moment. And I always kick my self for the little shows of insensitivity. My aunt, a long time resident of NY, NY (the rudest place I’ve come across, perhaps worse than Paris), Nena, once shared with me an English lesson that guaranteed one would get by in America. She said, “Just know when to say thank you, I’m sorry, you’re welcome, and excuse me.” When I’m out and about I make it a point to be aware of my manners, especially my driving manners (Miami drivers top the worst list), which don’t just matter, but can make the difference in avoiding an accident.

Back to conversing manners, you know those people who use what you have just said about your purse or other, as a trampoline to jump into a long haul of their latest project, or a personal experience, without realizing your story is not finished and they haven’t listened? I’ve caught myself doing that. At least I’m honest and aware. Are you?

The art of living starts with good etiquette leading to the development of long lasting synergetic relationships with friends and clients. There’s etiquette for living in harmony with yourself and others.

Please, don’t forget to list your manners’ pet peeves in the comments space here.

Thank you, and, please, excuse me if I have offended you in any way. It certainly wasn’t my intention.

Angela Terga
Women in Film

fine dining 2

Chris Evert Charity Pro-Celebrity Tennis at Delray Beach


IMG_5248IMG_5272IMG_5314After a hotcakes-and-eggs breakfast, we strolled under cloud cover along the outdoor cafe-lined Main Street to join Chrissy at the 20 court state-of-the-art facility, including pavilion and pro shop. The event had a Fair flavor complete with capuchin monkey tricks, pony rides, harlequins on stilts, a samba dancer table, and the fumes of shish kabob. On that hazy, November 22nd, Saturday morning, the uncooperative weather may have dispirited tennis, but we climbed to our box seats and remained faithful, nevertheless.

Shortly after, stratiform precipitation drove us under the pavilion where we enjoyed the circus-like ambient, watched the capuchin disappear dollar bills into his pockets, followed by a swift climb to the donor’s head, and took selfies with Hoda, as we commanded the sun, who slowly made its roundabout to face us. After all, it is South Florida, and no one there would go away disappointed in the yellow melon.

Finally, “tennis anyone” became the order of the day. Back in our South C box seats, the line-up of play for the first set was Jesse Levine, 27 year-old American-Canadian who ranked World #69 in 2012, & partner, Gavin Rossdale, lead singer in the post-grunge rock band Bush whose album Sixteen Stone was a great success in the US, vs. Vince Spadea, American ATP World #90 in 2006, and Timothy Olyphant, best known for his role of Sheriff Seth Bullock in the HBO western, three season, series “Deadwood.”

After figuring out who was who on the court, which demanded a $5 program and wifi connectivity, I sat back to enjoy the player’s personalities. Although they were all wired, not much other than grunts carried over. Timothy, by far the funnest player to watch and the one with the most net errors, was the one who interacted the most with the audience.

Next up were Levine & Vince Spadea again, vs. Rennae Stubbs & Sebastien Grosjean. Rennae is winner of several Grand Slam doubles and has represented Australia at four successive Summer Olympic Games. She was a pleasure to watch, no wonder, she’s won 60 major doubles matches from 1992 to 2010. She interacted the most with the audience and seemed to enjoy herself in a carefree way. Her partner, Sebastien Grosjean, also a retired French ATO, World #4 in 2004 never got in her way, as she dominated the match.

Our time there for the day ended, we never got to see the next two sets in the order of play, including Chris Evert vs. Martina Navratilova with Timothy Olyphant and Hoda Kotb, Egyptian-American, Today Show’s host, as their respective doubles partners. But we did witness the giving of a big check to a single teenage mom pursuing a college career, and the parading of shelter pets ready to go home with the right owner.

For 25 years the Charity has distributed over $21 million since its debut in 1989, benefiting Florida residents across the state. I am looking forward to next year’s event. Thank Chrissy, I’m dusting my racket. Tennis anyone?

“The Antiheroine” of Hollywood Film Awards 2014

gillian flynngone girlIs Gone Girl creator Gillian Flynn the epitome of feminism?  The  author could be just as well a  mysogynist as a feminist. Whether hero worshiper or chauvinist lesbian, that you can’t put your finger on it is  what the Northwestern University Master and former Newsweek reporter’s genius is, and genius needs not explain itself; It is recognized by its versatility. Would Ben Affleck have been more convincing in his good guy role by playing suspiciously? How well did he play the innocent?  How many clues of being the opposite did he offer? Did he play being the bad guy in such an inconspicuous way that he had the audience fooled believing he was actually bad? Watch the movie and decide for yourself.  Was Rosamund Pike’s portrayal of the Antiheroine heroic?

I appreciate your visit to my Blog and would love exchange views on this topic.  Thank you.

Play review: A Date With The Duke

A date with the duke program

On October 4, 2014, “A Date with the Duke,” a play written and produced by South Florida’s entertainment vanguard icon, Jo Marie Payton, took us on a tour, with the Duke himself, played by the noted Tommy O’Brien, to sample some of the best music ever made in America, through several of the Duke’s musical collaborators, including Adelaide Hall, who recorded Sophisticated Lady in 1932, and Bubber Miley, and Willie (the Lion) Smith, part of the Duke Ellington’s remarkable, Cotton Club and beyond, legacy.

Fortunately for South Florida, there are souls among us who contribute to our delight by tapping into budding talents and creating a path for them to grow on. Such is the case with Miss Jo’s Boot Camp. The renowned actress and singer, Jo Marie Payton, in partnership with Florida Technical College, where the play opened, Subbora Jackson, Technical Director, Ruth Paul, Production Manager, and the wonderful ball gowns of Bella Fashions with Nora Marvilli, created a spark of magic with a well versed, edutaining, historical fiction, musical play.

“This is just a beginning,” proclaimed Ms. Payton during the finale’s acknowledgements, as we remained in our seats wanting more. More, yes, more of that wonderful music and cast who gives us hope for a future “Date with the Duke.” Next time, I hope to see him on a raised stage, with the factual names of the Lady Singers and other characters, projected on the power point backdrop as they enter the stage. The wonderful boys, so important to have them there, will have gotten over their initial stage fright by then, and the girls will be even more possessed by the swoons and syncopated beats of jazz. The very talented Paquito Besado, Jaquita Timmons, Rose Sulfin, Rachel Marvilli, Alina Isengildina, and Yessenia Cossio will shine even more. I can’t wait to travel in time through the magical book opened on the lap of Little girl #1 (I hope she will be named Cameron) who just got a new book from her grandma. As she shares it with her friend in the parlor, after dinner, the Duke comes alive! Oh my! What a great surprise! And then he invites others to come! But where does that leave John Wayne, and other characters who first appeared mistakenly  named Duke? Interestingly, they could be next.

I’ll say, it was a time well spent.


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