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Ghostwriters don’t just create text content for someone else to author, they match the author’s voice and tone.  At TAT Productions, we offer highly skilled and expert writing services for businesses, groups, and individuals.  Every writing job is especially crafted to produce the highest quality of writing using the appropriate industry standards for each format to bring about the desired outcome.

SEO Content is one of our strongest and most frequently sought after service.  Web page posts, blog posts, articles, and newsletters are in high demand.  Fresh, relevant content is necessary to create brand awareness and provide links to the website’s landing pages.  Websites rank higher on Search Engine Response Pages (SERP) when bots and crawlers find new content to index.  Contact us here with your needs and we’ll give you a quote you won’t turn down.

Screenplays go through several stages of transformation and require Treatments and Synopses before they are ready to be produced.  Even while in production,  directors and actors make script adaptations on the set.  Screenplays are the blueprint of every movie. Nonlinearity, more action-less dialogue (visual storytelling), and a “holeproof” storyline are just some of the challenges faced by modern filmmakers.  TAT Productions will write, polish, edit, and create a shooting script which will meet the Hollywood Standard and break the rules when it’s needed.  Coverages are also available.

TAT Productions offers to write your Memoir, Novel, Children’s, YA Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or historical fiction masterpiece.  Becoming someone else’s heart and senses is at the center of the ghostwriting process. Total transparency is required by both parties for the benefit of the work which will eventually belong to humanity.  There should be an initial meeting of one or two days before the work begins during which time the story is created in a holistic way.

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